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Lamport’s Logical Clock

By SonuK July 26, 2023 Computer Science Topics Lamport’s Logical Clock was created by Leslie Lamport. It is a procedure to determine the order of events occurring. It provides a basis for the more advanced Vector Clock Algorithm. Due to the absence of a Global Clock in a Distributed Operating System Lamport Logical Clock is needed. Algorithm: Happened before relation(->): a -> b, means ‘a’ happened before ‘b’. Logical Clock: The criteria for …

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Distributed Operating Systems

By SonuK July 26, 2023 Computer Science Topics Introduction A distributed operating system (DOS) is an essential type of operating system. Distributed systems use many central processors to serve multiple real-time applications and users. As a result, data processing jobs are distributed between the processors. It connects multiple computers via a single communication channel. Furthermore, each of these systems has its own processor and memory. …

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By SonuK July 26, 2023 Computer Science Topics The OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) protocol is one of a family of IP Routing protocols, and is an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) for the Internet, used to distribute IP routing information throughout a single Autonomous System (AS) in an IP network. The OSPF protocol is a link-state routing protocol, which means that the routers …

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Routing Algorithms

By SonuK July 26, 2023 Computer Science Topics Distance vector Routing A distance-vector routing (DVR) protocol requires that a router inform its neighbors of topology changes periodically. Historically known as the old ARPANET routing algorithm (or known as Bellman-Ford algorithm). Bellman Ford Basics – Each router maintains a Distance Vector table containing the distance between itself and ALL possible destination nodes. Distances,based on a chosen metric, …

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Global unicast addresses

By SonuK July 26, 2023 Computer Science Topics Global Unicast Address The global unicast address is globally unique in the Internet. The example IPv6 address that is shown in Prefixes in IPv6 is a global unicast address. The next figure shows the scope of the global unicast address, as compared to the parts of the IPv6 address. Public Topology The site prefix defines the public topology of …

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